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? ? ? GLOBALINK MEGA ENERGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as ‘GME”) is a science and technology innovation oriented enterprise engaged in? Energy internet, development, construction, operation of Renewable Energy power plants as well as energy storage systems, generating thermal power, micro grid system, design of power grid, power trading platform, electricity commodity trading, carbon balance development and consultation. We carry out the operation mode of entire life cycle, to reduce costs and to promote the PV electricity price parity on the internet.?
? ? ? We have a world class science and technology research and development team , operation team actively participating in the renewable energy, power trading, environmental protection industry trading platforms, providing professional smart internet solutions on a global scale for the renewable energy and power trading, carbon trading solutions. We are committed to providing continuous sound ROI (Return on Investments), growing developments and taxation revenues for our investors, our employees, business partners and project sites and economical, high proficiency clean smart energy for society, creating a Green Homeland in the era of Energy Internet.

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