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Sichuan Railway Investment Group Co., Ltd

Sichuan Railway Investment Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “Tie Tou Group Co., Ltd”) is approved by provincial people’s government as a Type II, oversize state owned investment enterprise. Representing Sichuan province taking on the tasks for key state railways, local railways, expressway projects constructions and operations. Also, overseeing investment management, engineering construction and operation of clean energy, mineral resources, logistic related diversified industries such as trade, new urbanization. Covers 28 provinces and cities throughout the country, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries and regions. Tie Tou Group is the subsidiary of Sichuan Road and Bridge, Sichuan Railway Group and Urban and Rural Group which has 28 affiliated companies with more than 20000 employees. By end of 2016, gross income was RMB 65 billion, total asset RMB 250 billion and net asset RMB 62 billion. With its large business scale, healthy profits and steady growth, the group is propelled to move forward with commitment.  

Sichuan Tietou Huanlian Energy Co., Ltd

Sichuan Tietou Huanlian Energy Co., Ltd is a Sichuan province state owned renewable energy company jointly owned by Sichuan Railway Investment Group Co., Ltd and Globalink Mega Energy Development Co., Ltd. with initial registered capital of 50 million yuan, with controlling stake of 54% (RMB 27 million) and 46% (RMB 23 million) from GME. Currently increasing registered capital to RMB 600 million.

Sichuan Tietou Huanlian Energy Co., Ltd is committed to the development of electric power industry chain, implementation of demand side response, strive to become one-stop comprehensive energy supplying and saving enterprise. Committed to become the regional leader in innovation, harmonious, green, open and cooperative in Sichuan Province’s smart energy sector.

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