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      The power station construction of Gobalink Mega Energy Development Co., Ltd has been deployed globally, relying on the leading full life cycle management capability, the excellent integration capability of the entire industry chain, through the vertical integration of business models of development, design, construction and operation and maintenance. In-depth cooperation with business partners, power station business, smart energy, power trading and other businesses continue to expand.

      Based on its own brand and capital, financing strength, and with excellent resource integration capabilities, Team of GME steadily realizes the company's strategic investment objectives through independent development, cooperative development, and project acquisitions. The team has extensive experience in assessment, risk management, project approval/recording, and project financing.

      At present, the team closely follows the national new energy industry policy. The new energy industry is diversified. The team has excellent development combat capability and resource reserves in wind resource development, general photovoltaic power stations (large-scale ground power stations, agricultural light complementary, fish-light complementary, mountain power stations, etc.), photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, and distributed power plant projects.

      GME Design Institute composed of core experts of top domestic design institutes. It has two professional design institutes, focusing on new energy power station business and power grid business. It has Grade B qualification for new energy power generation, Class B of power transmission project and Class B of power transformation project. Qualification, power  engineering general contracting qualification, power engineering consulting qualifications, etc.

      GME Design Institute constantly engaged in technological innovation and design optimization, and has completed a number of advanced technologies for new energy power generation, and has achieved gratifying research results in the field of intelligent power grids.

The construction team has strong system integration capabilities, with a complete and efficient supply chain system and a scientific and standardized engineering management model. Under the premise of maximizing the quality of the project, the project management efficiency is improved, the construction cost is effectively controlled, and the system efficiency is improved. With technology innovation as the core, low-cost, high-efficiency, high-quality “full lifecycle management” provides quality project support.
      As a large-scale power generation asset holder, GME team spares no effort to build an intelligent operation and maintenance system, based on high-quality power plants with good engineering quality and high power generation efficiency, making full use of self-developed intelligent control systems and big data platforms, using expert operation and maintenance systems. Through the three-level management and control of the “Headquarters Monitoring Platform-Regional Control Platform-Single Power Station”, the power data cloud management of the power station will be fully realized, and the whole process and panoramic analysis and detection will be implemented for the operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic power station, and the remote intelligentization and dataization will be realized. Expertized operation and maintenance, to achieve power station few people / unattended.
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